My name is Matthew Travagline. If you looking for the website about Matthew traveling, you may have typo’d. If not…Welcome!


SC Tree


I am an author who loves speculative fiction; it’s what I read a ton of; it’s what I see myself reading years into the future; it’s the genre of that I’ve found the most pleasant to write.

I currently live in Wake Forest, North Carolina. I am a student working towards a Bachelor’s degree (and potentially graduate degrees in the future). Right now, writing is half of my life.


Note on my reviews:

I am not a professional reviewer, nor am I reimbursed for my reviews in any way, regardless of whether they are for books, television shows, or movies. [Although, I would love the opportunity to write more detailed freelance reviews. If you are an author, movie-producer, video game developer and would like to send me a pre-review copy of your work, get in touch with me. Likewise, if you are scouting for a magazine or journal (print or naught) and want me to write freelance articles for your publication, I’m open.] I am a member of Goodreads who frequently applies for firstreads giveaways.  These are giveaways specific to Goodreads where authors freely provide copies of their books in the hopes of getting a review from the winner, though readers are not contractually obligated to post a review [note: if they review the novel, they have to include a caveat: ‘I received this book for free through Goodreads firstreads.]. The rate of winning (while partly random and based on the total number of entries) is still dependent upon site activity (which writing reviews contributes towards) but is by no means a direct correlation.

Often enough, I don’t write detailed enough reviews for books or other media for the reviews to be taken in a serious light. The words that follow are typically my knee-jerk reaction upon finishing a book/movie/etc. and are my own opinion alone. There are a few occasions where I’ve felt the need to elaborate greatly in my review (especially for Goodreads firstreads books). These are the exceptions, not the norm.

Anyone looking to purchase, read, rent, etc. any of the media that I review is advised to do their own research before making a decision. IE: Don’t skip over a book, or buy it, solely because of my review. That’s silly. Read: I’m not writing these reviews to get a blurb on their front cover, nor am I setting out tarnish a book because of my reaction to it. Different strokes, right?


I am now a volunteer writer for a UK based video game review website called: Ordinary Gamer.


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