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Gleeman’s Tales Chapter One

I’ve decided to post the chapter one of Gleeman’s Tales to my blog. Feel free to read it and post below any comments or questions. (If you are interested in continuing to read Gleeman’s, it is available through Wattpad. Or check the link here for specific chapters).   Chapter One Approaching the carpenter’s quaint storefront, a familiar…

Gleeman's Final cover with type

Gleeman’s Tales Final Cover

I’m happy to share, for the first time, the final cover for my debut novel: Gleeman’s Tales. Kudos for the illustration belong to Gabriella Padilla, while those for the typography belong to Sara Wagner. If you are interested in hiring these artists, get in touch with me on my blog and I will pass along their contact…

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God is a Dinosaur [Short Fiction]

  The following is a one-act play that I wrote. It exists by itself, but also in the manuscript of Gleeman’s Tales. Just in case it’s not clear. In the play, the name of the character above the paragraph is the character speaking the dialogue in that paragraph.   Characters CHUCKY: A young boy of 7.…

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Bifröst [Short Fiction]

  Bifröst was described by one Wattpad reader as ‘beautifully depressing’ and I could not be happier with those tags. It is a post apocalyptic story following two siblings as they journey out of their prison, into a frozen world.   Cocooned in a ratty blanket frilled at the edges, baby Lucille, with milky irises devoid…

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Gleeman’s Tales Synopsis

  Thousands of years have come following the cataclysmic war that crippled the Earth and decimated nearly the entire human race. Those who survived slowly recovered and began settling new cities and forming new nations. These medieval societies are not completely devoid of “first age” technology, though an omnipotent cult of violent Luddites is proactively…