Category: Weekly Homage to a Lost English Lexicon

Weekly words, forgotten in the common English language.

Forgotten Words

Forgotten Words #18 Raddlings

I am contemplating waiting two weeks between each forgotten word. It seems a more natural rhythm, even though this is Sunday, instead of my usual Saturday.   I wanted to pick two words this week, since they both can be tied to current events (mainly politics). Raddlings [noun] money employed in bribing at elections Raw-Gabbit [noun]…

Forgotten Words

Forgotten Words #16 Potvaliant

Potvaliant(valiance) [noun/adjective] : To have courage because of intoxication. Or the courage that comes from strong drink. Potvaliance was one of the first words which cued me in to this hidden lexicon.   It also ties in with the word that I penned: digivaliance(valiant) which is simply to have/or/ the courage due to of the…

Forgotten Words

Forgotten Words #14 Nicknackitarian

Nicknackitarian [noun] A dealer in curiosities. Mentioned with the definition: mummies, and arrows dipped in the poisons of upas-tree, as well as bows, antique shields, helmets, etc.       Basically, people who sell the best tchotchkes. I have no idea where or when you will use this word, but I knew I wanted to…

Forgotten Words

Forgotten Words #12 Lion’s Provider

Lion’s-provider [noun]: Another name for  someone who acts as a tool, or a brown-noser.     This week’s forgotten word can drastically impact your insult lexicon. Never before has calling someone a suck up sounded as epic as this. Not only, by calling someone a lion’s-provider, are you calling them a suck up, but you’re…

Forgotten Words

Forgotten Words #10 Japers

Japers [noun] Another name for jester.   Yes, japer is not entirely forgotten from out modern dialect, but I thought it unique enough to feature. Japer can also mean joke or quip, of which, jesters would have endless amounts of. Kacirk, Jeffrey. The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Ever Forgotten. New York: Simon &…