Category: Weekly Homage to a Lost English Lexicon

Weekly words, forgotten in the common English language.

Forgotten Words

Forgotten Words #8 Heart’s Attorney

Heart’s Attorney [noun] Tongue.     Simple enough, but the connotation of the phrase is interesting. The tongue is credited with, in this case, controlling what is said in much the same way that an attorney controls what a defendant says.   I wanted to express my distaste at my love’s choice of music, but…

Forgotten Words

Forgotten Words #7 Gramarye

Gramarye [noun] magic; necromancy; sorcery. It has roots in Middle-English and comes from the French grammaire, which means drum-roll please… grammar.     Week seven’s forgotten word deals with two things that, as a fantasy writer, I enjoy: grammar, and magic. Intelligence, but specifically grammar (and the ability to read/write well) has a long-standing history…