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September 2017 Update:


Indeed it has been a while since I have updated. Even before this current semester began, I had made progress. So here it is: What I’m currently working on.


Gleeman’s Tales:

I queried an Indie publisher with my manuscript. What they want me to do is refine the wandering POV within. Honestly, I had not seen this as a problem; my narrator tends to follow the most important action/description within a scene. One of my betas kindly volunteered to go back through it looking for these shifts. Once this current semester ends, I plan to go back through Gleeman’s Tales and search for myself.

Once that is done and I am content with the changes, they encouraged me to re-submit. So…fingers crossed, yeah?


The Harbinger of Change

Harbinger has basically been put on the back-burner for the time being. I plan to post it to Wattpad in the beginning of the year (if I can manage to sneak another round of edits in).



The Humanity Edict:

I am ecstatic to announce the title of the novel I recently finished writing. The Humanity Edict is a robot-science-fiction novel set to the backdrop of a society of robots in a world long after the apocalypse. Like the Gleeman’s Tales duology, this post-apocalyptic world revolves less around the gritty immediacy of the centuries after the end, and more with the rebuilding. The robots were pre-created by a collective of scientists, programmers, and engineers to have the capacity to revitalize organic life once atmospheric conditions on Earth regressed to more homeostatic levels. The Humanity Edict, an encoded program which ranks humanity’s needs over those of the robots, controls and guides their every action. It did, at least…until the robots discovered how to subvert the Humanity Edict.



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Dear reader,

This page overlaps with my My Novels page, but ultimately, these two pages will branch apart. So bear with me in the meanwhile. Where the novels page will include details only about the novels in their finalized forms, this will be the forum for any updates on my life as a reader and writer.



Currently Writing:

Gleeman’s Tales Duology UpdateEditing Gleeman’s Tales so I can resubmit to an indie publisher. The Harbinger of Change needs another round of edits, but I plan to post it to Wattpad in 2018.

Gleeman's Final cover with type




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PC: Pixabay user MonicaLoreto



Until I update this again…

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