Harbinger front cover social media

The Harbinger of Change Cover

I am thrilled to show off the debut cover illustration (sans type) for my second novel, The Harbinger of Change. Once again, I tasked Gabriella Padilla with illustrating my novel, and I am more than blown away with the results. I could spend all day gushing over how many features I love about it: the shared style, the setting, the detail, the detail…but I’ll let her work speak for itself.

Yes, adorning this cover is our fearless heroine, Cleo and her noble steed, Perogie.

Harbinger front cover social media

A few little tidbits about the cover. Without giving anything away… Cleo is holding onto her quarterstaff. Returning is the poncho, though it has been sensibly tied at her waist where it once fluttered without anchor. Clutched in her hand is Gnochi’s leather journal. In the background, you can see the beginnings of the winterbush forests growing. These trees, black as death in a tundra of white, surprisingly held the key to humanity’s (and life’s) existence after the apocalypse.

I won’t go into the wolf dangling over her head. You’ll have to wait to find out about that!

Additionally, I’d like to show off the tentative back-cover design, also illustrated by Gabriella Padilla.

Harbinger back cover

This back cover really shows how isolation is going to play a role within the confines of book two. Before Cleo is a stretch of the tundra which rogue winds have swept the snow off of, though a solid layer of ice still separates them from the ocean underneath.