My Novels

Currently, I have one manuscript that I am querying agents with. It is a fantasy novel titled, Gleeman’s Tales. I have since completed its sequel, The Harbinger of ChangeHarbinger is the second in a planned duology.


Update: Since posting Gleeman’s Tales to Wattpad, it has garnered interest from a pair of Internet journals. Post Apocalyptic Daily and The Fantasy Chronicles. Both online journals have linked to the Gleeman’s Tales Wattpad page. How exciting!


Here is the first piece of the synopsis for Gleeman’s Tales

Thousands of years have come following the cataclysmic war that crippled the Earth and decimated nearly the entire human race. Those who survived slowly recovered and began settling new cities and forming new nations. These medieval societies are not completely devoid of “first age” technology, though an omnipotent cult of violent Luddites is proactively attempting to erase every record of the first age so as to prevent the human race from accomplishing the suicide it started thousands of years prior. Also vying for power in this world of isolated nations is a group called the Pantheon that is led by its charismatic leader: Gideon.

Gnochi Gleeman, a retired traveling master bard, finds himself thrust back into a profession he had given up. When his sister and niece are kidnapped by the shadowy branch of the Pantheon and are being held until he fulfills his end of the bargain, Gnochi’s only hope of seeing his sister and niece again is to complete the daunting contract without arising unwanted attention.

You can read the full synopsis here. To read the first chapter of Gleeman’s Tales, either head over to my Wattpad page, or you can read it on my blog, here.


Gleeman's Final cover with type