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Previously Read: Blackwing

Back into the roulette of Goodreads firstreads, I scored an ARC of Ed McDonald’s dark-fantasy novel Blackwing.   Overall, I’d say that it was a strong story. The characters all had lives of their own. Each character had his or her own quirks and idiosyncrasies which made them wholly unique. Galharrow, our bounty-hunting main character…

Pixabay picture sword user stronytwoichmarzen

Previously Read: Brandon Sanderson Novels

The latest Brandon Sanderson novel I’ve finished, Calamity, caps off the Recokoners trilogy. It was amazing. Among my favorite series, for sure.   I haven’t been updating my currently-reading as frequently as I should be. Right now, I’m on a tear reading through a bunch of Brandon Sanderson’s more recent works (still not reading Stormlight…

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Gleeman’s Tales Chapter One

I’ve decided to post the chapter one of Gleeman’s Tales to my blog. Feel free to read it and post below any comments or questions. (If you are interested in continuing to read Gleeman’s, it is available through Wattpad. Or check the link here for specific chapters).   Chapter One Approaching the carpenter’s quaint storefront, a familiar…