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Gleeman’s Tales Chapter One

I’ve decided to post the chapter one of Gleeman’s Tales to my blog. Feel free to read it and post below any comments or questions. (If you are interested in continuing to read Gleeman’s, it is available through Wattpad. Or check the link here for specific chapters).   Chapter One Approaching the carpenter’s quaint storefront, a familiar…

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Gleeman’s Tales Wattpad Links

I am including here links to the first five Gleeman’s Tales chapters on Wattpad. [Note, they may or may not stay on Wattpad forever.] Once I get contractually bound with an agent or a publisher, I may wish to remove it from the site (for obvious reasons), so read it there while you can. Also, if you could…

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Gleeman’s Tales Synopsis

  Thousands of years have come following the cataclysmic war that crippled the Earth and decimated nearly the entire human race. Those who survived slowly recovered and began settling new cities and forming new nations. These medieval societies are not completely devoid of “first age” technology, though an omnipotent cult of violent Luddites is proactively…