Previously Read: Avenging Angels

There was definitely a hesitation in coming into this, because I typically don’t rave over spacey-sf novels, but I found, to my pleasant surprise, very little spacey-ness within this novel. Yes, it was the picture of SF, and it had some space travel, but it also was an Earthly SF novel, and I enjoyed my time with it.

I liked the characters. There were quite a few all introduced at once (and a good handful disappeared after the introduction which turned out to be a flashback), which made remembering some of the minor characters more difficult, but overall, I found that the main characters, and the primary-secondary characters were all distinct, and unique.

They story itself is unique, though it is not until half way through, at the earliest that we get to see what a potential conflict for the novel will be. I do think that this is a hindrance. Perhaps if there was some indication of the conflict early on. In hindsight, the introduction was probably supposed to be that, but at the time, it just threw me off entirely.

Speaking of, I think the time-jump between the intro (Where E. is leading her patrol to the abandoned base) and when we first meet Jack needs to be more clearly distinguished. It took me too long to figure out that the Jack scenes (and consequently anything after that point) was significantly later than the first scenes.

My other complaint, though not too big of an issue, is the amount of info-dumping that occurred. Much of it was either integral, or important to know, but there was also random bits of backstory and info-dumping that were unnecessary. Again, that’s more of a personal preference thing. And it wasn’t enough to make me hate reading it. Adams writes an intriguing tale that I enjoy learning more about.

Not of consequence, but still worth noting. I found a scarce amount of typographical errors scattered through the course of the novel. Again, not enough to take away from my enjoyment, but still something that warrants another line-edit.

Overall, I would say that Adams has written a strong SF that is both imaginative, and also grounded in a realistic society. And it seems like he could be setting us up for a potential sequel, which I will be keeping my eyes on.


I give Avenging Angels four smiling Angels out of five.


As of January 13th, 2016, I am reading Nicholas Adams’s science-fiction novel, Avenging Angels.


I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.