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Previously Read: Avogadro Corp.

There is part of me that realizes that the criticisms against this novel are legitimate. There are typographical and formatting errors that could be fixed. [edit: It seems as though I was reading an older edition. I cannot verify if all of the issues are gone in newer editions, but William Hertling contacted me and said that he did a major edit and re-release in 2015 so I want to amend that my criticisms were for an older edition that was printed prior to these new edits.

Additionally, the characterization is lacking across the board.

All that said, the story captivated me. The fact that it could happen in today’s day and age made Avogadro Corp. all the more compelling. By the way, I still read it as Avocado. While the story wasn’t overly technical and I could in no way verify if the jargon was legitimate, I felt as if things were explained properly.

I wasn’t too fond, however, of the ending. Certainly not of the epilogue, but still the conclusion left me feeling cheated. The epilogue I grumbled through.


Three and a half hidden ELOPe servers, out of five.


As of March 31st, I am reading the first book in the Singularity series: Avogadro Corp. It is one of the robotics/AI/android novels I was recommended to read in research for my next writing project.


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  • williamhertling

    Hi Matthew, I’m sorry you ran into typographical and formatting issues. I did a major edit and rerelease in early 2015, and if you bought your copy more recently than that, I’m surprised to hear that you still found mistakes. Were you reading the paperback or ebook? I’ll look into getting them fixed.

    • Matthew Travagline

      I read it in a pre-2015 hardcover edition. I saw the change in covers as the edition changed, but this was definitely an earlier edition, so if you have fixed errors in your manuscript, it likely covered many that I found, but since I was reading a physical copy, pre-2015, the changes wouldn’t have been included. Thanks for getting in touch and letting me know.

      • williamhertling

        Thanks for letting me know! Yes, that first edition definitely suffered from many errors. There were over 3,000 changes to the second edition. Drop me a line if you’d like me to mail you the second edition. http://www.williamhertling.com/contact/

        • Matthew Travagline

          I appreciate the offer, but I rarely re-read books (especially when I have so recently read them) and I wouldn’t want you to go to the expense of sending me a book that I wouldn’t get to read. I have updated my reviews here and on Goodreads to acknowledge that I had an older edition though.