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Previously Read: Brandon Sanderson Novels

The latest Brandon Sanderson novel I’ve finished, Calamity, caps off the Recokoners trilogy. It was amazing. Among my favorite series, for sure.


I haven’t been updating my currently-reading as frequently as I should be.

Right now, I’m on a tear reading through a bunch of Brandon Sanderson’s more recent works (still not reading Stormlight Archives though…).


I read through Steelheart and Firefight over the past two weeks. They were amazing Y/A urban fantasy/SF novels. I eagerly await when the library says that it’s my time to read Calamity. I’d give both of those books a solid 5/5 and I expect no less from Calamity.

As I type, I’m working my way through the fifth book in the Mistborn series: Shadows of Self.

It’s been a while since I’ve read Vin’s world, so the magic-systems are rusting in my reading-mind, but Sanderson constantly reminds me the potential that a fantasy writer can achieve.


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