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Previously Read: Expiration Day

Here  is a novel that I am unsure about. Having previously read other robotics texts, I know that this is among my favorite, but I cannot say if I really enjoyed this, or if it played with my emotions too much for me to be legible in deciding.


There were definitely so faults. I think we were missing, on a whole, a bit of backstory and world history. We get so little on why things became messed up. They’re mentioned enough that it almost becomes a taunt. ‘Look I’m mentioning how cruddy the world was at this point, but I won’t give you details.’ I know there are people who hate getting backstory. I am not one of them, as I will gladly sit through an 800 page Robert Jordan piece. In this case, I think we were missing a critical amount of backstory.


Others have said that Powell’s portrayal of a teenage girl was not accurate and I can’t help but agree. At times, it seems like Tania’s thoughts were out of place, but that is also through my filter, which does not line up with Tania’s at all.


That being said, I loved the story. The arc that tries to define how a robot proves its humanity, to itself and others, is definitely something that I will be reflecting on when I begin work on certain novel, down the line.


Props for making me upset to. The ending felt very thought out and it wracked my emotions.


Overall, I’d give it four gigs out of five.


As of April 11th, I am reading William Campbell Powell’s debut novel: Expiration Day.


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