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Previously Read He, She And It

I have rarely come this close to DNF’ing (did not finish) a book as I did within the first three chapters. There was little to entice me to slog through the first of the golem chapters, but a review said that things pick up after the first fifty pages, so I chugged through.

I am eternally glad that I did, because before the first half of the book was even passed, I had an entirely different view of human-robot interactions. I have taken a handful of notes on my own novel thanks to the writings within, and I know that, save the worst ending in history, this book will become an invaluable tool as I progress into the note-taking stage of my novel-writing.

I ended up reading the second half of this novel in one day. I thoroughly enjoyed Piercy’s storytelling. I loved Yod’s character. I especially loved the dynamic relationship between Yod and Shira.


Four dead assassins, out of five.


As of April 27th, I am reading Marge Piercy’s novel: He, She and It.

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