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Previously Read: Lady Midnight

Cassandra Clare, you have once again torn my heart from my body, and while it still beats, you have crushed it with your characters, their pains and sufferings, and your stories.


Lady Midnight, which takes place five years after the events of Heavenly Fire blends nicely a new story following a new(ish) cast of characters, with the same world we have been living and crying in for years now. We do get hints of characters from previous series, but they are secondary at best. The conflict and story revolves around this new cast of vibrant young adults.


I actually felt that the story started a little slower than I was used to for a Clare novel. Perhaps it was just that we had to be introduced to an entirely new conflict, and that took building-up to. Needless to say, the latter portions of the book made up for any drag that was felt earlier.


The Blackthorns all had unique and vivid personalities. I know that if I saw their dialogue apart from tags, that I would be able to tell who speaking without a doubt. The setting was well researched. You definitely can tell that Clare is familiar with the area.


The cliff-hanger and heart-tearing are real. You know are reading a Cassandra Clare book when you want to scream at the characters to not do something to ruin their love because they think they are being protective!


Overall, Lady Midnight was an astounding tale and a great start to what I predict to be an amazing series.


5 murderers’ hands out of 5.


As of March 17th, I am reading the newest novel in Cassandra Clare’s Urban Fantasy YA series: Lady Midnight.