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Previously Read: Lord of Shadows

I was spoiled, reading The Mortal Instruments *mostly* all at one time because I came into the series late. But progressing through her series has left me at the mercy of time.


Over the past month, I had been picking away at Lord of Shadows, Clare’s most recent novel in the greater Shadowhunter world. Smatterings of pages at a time, I finally got to a point where I could not, not read it. So the second half of this 700 page novel was read over two sittings. Yes. It was that good.


Cassandra Clare has a way of tearing my heart with her words and stomping on it with the brick-like books that she churns out every year. Her grasp of character, conflict, and romance are masterful.


That cliffhanger. It is unrivaled in its brutality. Knowing that I must now wait two years before I can read even a page more of this story is gruesome. And I hope some day to channel this level of emotional response and dedication in my writings. It is an aspiration of Olympic proportions.


This book does tend to focus a bit too much on love triangles/squares for my tastes. Yes, I have come to accept the level of loviness in Clare’s works, but this one seemed just a tad like the love conflicts were the central focus and the plot was secondary. We could have done without as many. Ultimately, that is but an opinion (this whole review is) but I wish less emphasis had been thrust onto love.


That said, I have a deep emotional attachment to these characters; if their relationships fail, I will experience grief for what could have been.


I contemplated what I wanted to give this as a rating. Ultimately, I think the overemphasis on love was too much for me to justify a five, though her writing was once again as good as her other works (which netted a five from my seriously imprecise parameters). I want to give Lord of Shadows a solid 4.5/5.


2019 cannot come here soon enough.


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