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Previously Read: Salvation’s Dawn

I definitely enjoyed my time with this. I came in with hesitations, both for being a self-published novel, and also for the lack of reviews on Goodreads, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lead, Kari, is as good as those few reviews say. She is uniquely human, and still alien. I didn’t feel like she was shoe-horned in at all.

The relationships across the board, both romantic and naught, were dynamic, and fun. I loved the banter between siblings. Really immersive.

I was astounded by the amount of world-building that occured without fatigue. There is so much that has happened before we get to page one, and parts of it we see. Certainly enough to identify how characters have reacted, but not enough, again, to bore, or to drone on.

I will say though, that the novel was longer than I thought it needed to be. I can’t say one area that was too long, but on a whole, it just seemed like it took longer to complete than I was expecting, unless of course, Reading Length was inaccurate in their estimate on the word count.


EDIT: Turns out, Reading Length (which typically gives accurate estimates) was off by about seventy thousand words (which is about an averge novel’s length by itself, so that’s a big error). Joe Jackson responded to this review on Goodreads and he informed me of the difference between word counts. He, through his own word processor has a wc recorded at about 200 thousand words vs. what RL had recorded (135 thousand, thereabouts). So taking that all into consideration, I will amend my criticisms. I was expecting a novel little longer than my own (at 111k), but read one that was almost double the length. Had I gone into the read knowing it was c. 200k words, I would’ve been more forgiving for the speed with which I read it. Because epic fantasies need naught be compared in the fields of length and pace, with shorter fantasies.

Overall, a very solid start to a promising fantasy series. Definitely going to be keeping Joe Jackson on my radar for the future.

4.75 mixed rirr races out of 5


As of December 28th, 2016, I am reading Joe Jackson’s novel, Salvation’s Dawn.


I received this book for free through Goodreads firstreads.


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