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Previously Read: Steal the Sky

I don’t typically read a ton of steampunk, and that’s mostly because I’ve read a few too many where the steam and the punk is ferociously beaten over our heads. The gears are made of steam and the steam is made of oil. And there are goggles within goggles.

Steal the Sky is steampunk, but it is by no means obnoxiously so.


The characters have each have their own personalities and quirks. None of whom are perfect, which is good. I like the flaws that both Detan and Ripka show through out their time within. I do wish we saw more of Tibs, but I suppose there is room to get to know him more in any sequels.


I loved the setting. It was uniquely fresh, albeit horrendously dry (that’s a reference to in-book setting). I did find myself wondering how the layout of the city, the black and the outlying areas, all worked together. Maybe I missed that key description.


If I did have one detraction, I’d say that I am still not comfortable with the book’s “magic” system. The sel is quite prevalent, but we see so little as to why certain people have sensitivities. Additionally, the last section, where the special sel sensitivities were revealed at the end might be considered dues ex. I won’t say definitively, since the doppel is technically a special power, but all of these extra powers showing up at once was a little odd. Yes, in hindsight, Detan’s was foreshadowed, but still out of place, I think. I mean, the story works with them, but I would not have guessed this as the resolution beforehand. I suppose that is a good thing.


Overally, I’m giving Steal the Sky four rotting bodies, out of five.

I received this book for free through Goodreads Firstreads.


As of May 10th, I am reading Steal the Sky by Megan E. O’Keefe.


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