Previously Read: The Gathering Storm

In keeping with Knife of Dreams, I have completed The Gathering Storm in ten days. Wow! If I was impressed with the increased pace and storytelling in KoD, then I was blown away by the graceful handling of this novel by Brandon Sanderson. I thought he did an absolute justice to the series. I knew that he was a strong fantasy author (I have previously read Elantris, and the Mistborn series), but I did not know if he would be able to create the same magic that Jordan managed. I am happy to have been proven wrong.


The bounding chapters that follow seemingly insignificant characters are gone. In their stead are shorter, more precisely planned chapters that hint towards some larger picture.


I was so skeptical coming in that the ending of this series could not be stretched out across three novels, but after reading through 12, I am sure that such a decision is best. I never thought that the prose was too wordy or rambled too far from its purpose. I just have to trust that the final two installments will improve upon my overall experience with the Wheel of Time series.


Five beheaded Shadowspawn out of five.


As of April 18th, I am reading The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.


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