Previously Read: The Inquisition

There is something about Matharu’s writing style that draws me in. I love the diverse cast of characters; I enjoy the plot, hungrily eating the book in just over three day’s time.


Matharu managed to pull up a few Chekhov’s guns that I had not even considered, and I was actively searching for them as I do with YA/MG books now. And the fabled cliff-hanger left me hungry for more. I am excited to see the epic conclusion of this trilogy, and more from Matharu in the future.


Also what is up with Ignacious? I’m pretty sure he’s turning into a dragon, but after his lava bath, description of the salamander was curiously absent. I know you were leaving that off purposefully, but I don’t know if it is because we are going to see a dragon, or what.


Also that ending revelation with Athena!


I give it four orc demons out of five.


As of January 4th, I am reading the middle installment in the Summoner Trilogy by Taran Matharu: The Inquisition.