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Previously Read: The Windup Girl

Well, it was a slow burn, that’s for sure. And at almost two hundred thousand words, a slow burn is not always the best. I liked how the characters were portrayed, and (by the end) the setting was both futuristic, and rutted in the past.


I also like the inclusion of how calories and food have become the most dominant form of currency, though we really see little of it. Considering how long the novel is, there is surprisingly scarce backstory. Overall, it was a slow read.


3.5 visible cheshires out of 5.


As of December 15th, 2015, I am reading Paolo Bacigalupi’s novel: The Windup Girl. Like the previous books I’ve read, this was suggested to me because of my interest in robotics/android lit. I am holding my anticipation in check this time after the disappointment that I felt with Neuromancer.


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