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Previously Read: VN

I started this as a means of researching robot novels for my own work and am glad that I did. I have never seen robots in this quasi-organic state as Ashby portrays them in VN.


The characters and their relationships are unique and feel real. The dynamic of Portia to Amy was one that both took some getting used to, but also was intriguing. And the frequent shortages where Portia assumed control brought a sense of tension and foreboding to the story.

I also liked Amy’s relationships with the other characters. Javier, her father, mother and others.


What was also interesting for me, as a robotic novelist researcher, was how the robots thought of humans. Amy’s, Javier’s, even Portia’s thoughts on humans were interesting to say the least.


3.5 Attacking Aunts out of 5


As of February 26th, 2016, I am reading VN, a science-fiction novel by Madeline Ashby and published by Angry Robot. I was turned onto this book by inquiring into potential research works for my future robot novel, so I have high hopes.

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