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Previously Read: Towers of Midnight

As this penultimate installment in the Wheel of Time epic series comes to an end, I find myself of mixed feelings. On one hand, this has been a marathon ten years in the making at least. On the other, I’m ready to move on to more fantasy series. There’s this one author George R.R. Martin who has written a series that’s quite popular. I also have been meaning to read through the full Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Future prospects aside, it’s time for me to think back on my time with the Towers of Midnight.To say that side-plots have been wrapped up is an understatement. Almost all of the central, and secondary characters made an appearance, including a few that we have not seen for books.

Overall, I am content with how most of these were wrapped up. With one notable exception. Aviendha. Why oh why. One chapter from your perspective has almost ruined the entirety of the buildup from book 1-13. Your future-tellings, be they accurate, have spoiled so much. I have half a mind to equate this chapter to the level of “waking up at the end of a novel to discover that everything was a dream” and I am deadly serious. I came as close to raging while reading this chapter as I have at any time during this series, even during the mid-series slumps, pre-book eleven.

Why? Why include that? There had better be an explanation, or something to disprove that future-telling, or I will be sorely miffed.

I wasn’t hugely fond of Perrin’s wolf-dream arc this time around, though his battle with Slayer, and consequently, the Whitecloaks, more than made up for any fatigue from the wolf-dream.

I know some people complain about how Mat’s character changed once Sanderson began filling in, but I don’t see that. In fact, I like Mat’s character now as much as I did in Jordan’s tenure. I think I can kind of see why people might not like his character. He is a married man, but constantly thinks lecherous thoughts, trying to hide behind his troop. But that’s Mat’s character. It shows that he is still the same Mat that we came to enjoy thus far in.


Holy moly, a lot happened in here. Without delving into spoilers, know that I was genuinely surprised at moments. I am excited beyond belief to finish this series.


Five Aelfinn and the Eelfinn out of five.


As of June 5th, I am reading the penultimate novel in the epic Wheel of Time series, Towers of Midnight.


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